Martial Arts Birthday Parties are a Real KICK! Book Your Child’s Today!

When your child’s friends and classmates receive invitations to his or her Karate birthday party, they know right away that big-time fun is in store! Anticipation builds as party time approaches. When the big day finally arrives and they show up in droves, they’ll find their hopes and expectations fulfilled with exciting Karate games, spectacular Martial Arts moves – much like they’ve seen in cartoons and movies, lots of laughs, and a memorable good time for all.

At Fort Lauderdale Jiu-Jitsu in Fort Lauderdale, FL, dates and times fill up fast for Karate birthday parties because they’re always a hit! They’re so much fun for the kids and very affordable for you, with less worry and stress than other party settings.

Your birthday boy or girl will enjoy the spotlight in a leadership role among peers that will make others see him or her in a new light, one they’ll respect and appreciate for years to come. Who doesn’t like to show off a little? And parents will appreciate the professional coordination, safe and supervised setting, and variety of physical fitness activities that keep their children engaged for the duration.

It’s easy to customize snacks, party favors, and goodie bags for Martial Arts-themed birthday parties, with Power Rangers™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, Kung Fu Panda™, Ninjago™, and other popular, age-appropriate items readily available at local shopping centers and party supply stores everywhere – even online. A piñata – always a thrill for kids – can be broken with karate kicks instead of a stick. The birthday cake can be cut with a real sword! The birthday boy or girl may even be allowed to wear a Black Belt for the day!

At the host’s expense and with some advanced planning, the Martial Arts setting can be made especially fun and festive with streamers, bunting, banners, balloons, and more.

Your Karate kid is the center of attention on his or her big day. Celebrating another year of life and growth with a Martial Arts birthday party will be remembered forever. He or she will feel extra special as the instructor highlights the awards and achievements earned as a result of his or her martial arts training. He or she will get to demonstrate some of the knowledge and skills obtained in class, encouraging a command performance that impresses all the guests.

Your child’s guests will have a ball participating in a “ninja obstacle course,” doing the “limbo,” and many other age-appropriate games and activities that keep them moving and smiling ear-to-ear the whole time. If some of them take an interest in Martial Arts training at Fort Lauderdale Jiu-Jitsu as a result of attending the birthday party, your child will have even more friends to socialize with outside of school – and more buddies to play with, to aid and protect them back in school.

Reserve time and space early to host a kickin’ birthday party that will be talked about for years to come at your Martial Arts facility, under the expert guidance of Bruce Belfield and staff. Your birthday boy or girl and all your guests will thank you sincerely for providing such a fun, safe, and exciting celebration, and you’ll be glad you did!