Too Tired to Exercise? Get Self-Sustaining Energy from Martial Arts!

Are you making excuses to avoid exercise and say you feel too tired to work out any more? You know it is good for you and you always feel better after, but the “do it anyway” motto isn’t cutting it any more. If it isn’t due to a physical illness or low-iron level, then here are a few pointers to try to motivate yourself to keep going.

Change your schedule

If you usually exercise in the evening, set your alarm thirty minutes early and get your exercise session out of the way before your day begins. An early morning exercise session will help energize and motivate you for the rest of the day. Plus, you can look forward to a relaxing evening knowing you’ve accomplished your goal. This can be a simple solution to the problem of being too tired to work out.

Sometimes the best cure for sluggishness or fatigue is a vigorous exercise session. Have you ever noticed how you can walk into your Martial Arts class (Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Karate, etc.) hopelessly exhausted, but after thirty minutes, you feel energized and invigorated? Exercise gets your blood flowing and zaps fatigue. Classes are designed to be both mentally and physically challenging. If you need motivation to lure yourself to class, promise yourself a small reward after you finish, like a long, relaxing bath or 20 minutes with your favorite book; just make sure it’s not a hot fudge sundae!

If it is only occasionally that you find yourself too tired to work out, go ahead and work out, but less vigorously. To help you to take the first step, tell yourself you’ll only exercise for ten minutes. Chances are you won’t notice when the ten minutes have passed; you’ll feel so invigorated that you’ll want to keep going.

You can always change your routine temporarily to get rid of the boredom by substituting something fun. Go outside for a brisk walk. Shoot hoops in the driveway. Ride your bike to the local store. You can get back on schedule the next time you exercise and the variety will be good for you both physically and mentally.

If you still find yourself “too tired,” talk to your instructor about ways to exercise outside of class that will also benefit your Martial Arts skills. Give these tips a try and soon you’ll no longer need the old excuse of being too tired to work out. Plus, you’ll look and feel like a new person.