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Fort Lauderdale Jiu-Jitsu Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend taking two classes per week for consistent progress. With classes for youth and adults 6 days a week, our schedule offers lots of flexibility.
Wear comfortable exercise clothing such as a T shirt and shorts or sweat pants. If you have long hair, bring a hair tie to keep it from getting in the way.
All you need is comfortable workout clothing to begin. Any uniforms or equipment you may need in the future we will provide.
Children can start training as soon as they turn 4. Starting this early gives them a great jump start for school success before kindergarten.
Absolutely not! Our beginner's program is designed to allow everyone to start training today regardless of fitness level. As a matter of fact, physical fitness is a side benefit of Jiu-Jitsu training, not a prerequisite. Let us take you from whatever fitness level you are at now to your desired level at your own pace. Give us a call today!
Absolutely! Our instructors have years of training and experience in ADHD, autism spectrum, and more. Our Google Reviews are full of success stories written by parents who saw dramatic results from the first lesson their child took.