The Science of Success: 8 Traits to Predict Your Child’s Bright Future

The Science of Success: 8 Traits to Predict Your Child’s Bright Future

I’m Bruce Belfield, the owner and head instructor of Fort Lauderdale Jiu Jitsu, and I would like to share with you some recent research that was published about the eight traits that have been scientifically linked to predicting future success in children. These soft skills, when nurtured from a young age, can pave the way for a prosperous and fulfilling life. In this blog post, we’ll delve into each of these traits and explore how they play a vital role in shaping a child’s future.  You can also watch the video below for a more detailed analyses.  

1. Delaying Gratification: The Power of Impulse Control

Imagine a scenario where a child is given one marshmallow and told that they can have a second one if they resist the temptation to eat the first. This simple yet powerful test measures a child’s ability to delay gratification, a trait closely tied to future success. Impulse control has been found to correlate with academic achievement, higher SAT scores, reduced substance abuse instances, and greater workplace success. Cultivating this skill early on can set the stage for a prosperous future.

2. Conscientiousness: The Key to Organization and Discipline

Conscientiousness refers to a child’s ability to be disciplined and highly organized. This trait has proven to be a strong predictor of success in both the workplace and life in general. Teaching children the importance of staying organized and being disciplined can significantly impact their future achievements.

3. Belief in Free Will and Growth Mindset

A belief in free will, also known as a growth mindset, is a fundamental concept. Children who embrace the idea that they can master their own destiny, learn and grow to meet challenges, tend to experience greater success and happiness. Encouraging a growth mindset fosters a sense of control and resilience, empowering children to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

4. Building an Open Network: Embracing Diversity

Associating with people from different schools and backgrounds can broaden a child’s perspective on life. Exposing children to a diverse range of ideas and thoughts can be enriching. Encouraging them to engage with peers from various backgrounds can help build their social skills and adaptability.

5. Childhood Adversity: Embracing Challenges

Surprisingly, childhood adversity can be a predictor of future success. Allowing children to face and overcome difficulties early on helps develop grit, perseverance, and a sense of well-being. Shielding children from adversity may not always be in their best interest; instead, letting them learn from challenges can be a pathway to future triumphs.

6. The Power of Reading: Cultivating Future Leaders

Avid readers tend to become future leaders. Reading allows children to gain knowledge and insights that can take a lifetime for experts to accumulate. Encouraging a love for reading can set children on a path to success.

7. Leveraging Past Success: Building Confidence

Past successes, no matter how small, can serve as stepping stones to future achievements. Experiencing early childhood success helps children build confidence, resilience, and the belief that they can overcome future challenges.

8. Grit and Perseverance: The Art of Never Giving Up

Grit, often equated with perseverance, is the ability to pursue a goal regardless of emotional states. Children who learn to stick with their pursuits, even when they don’t want to, tend to be more successful in the long run. Cultivating this trait is highly regarded by college admissions and employers alike.

Conclusion: Balancing Academics and Soft Skills

While academic success is important, nurturing these soft skills from an early age can be the key to future accomplishments. Soft skills such as delaying gratification, conscientiousness, a growth mindset, and perseverance are the driving forces behind long-term success and happiness. Consider enrolling your child in activities like Jiu Jitsu, which not only promote physical fitness but also foster these essential life skills.

In a world that values more than just academic achievements, focusing on these soft skills can ensure your child reaches their full potential, leading a prosperous and fulfilling life. Bruce Belfield’s insights shed light on the importance of these traits, offering a roadmap to a brighter future for our children.

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About Bruce Belfield.  Bruce Belfield is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu and Judo and Chief Master Instructor.  He also holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate.  He holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University and has been training martial arts since the age of 7.  

Prior to creating Fort Lauderdale Jiu-Jitsu, Bruce Belfield served as a Police Detective and SWAT Team Instructor in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  Certified as a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Chemical Weapons Instructor, and Field Training Officer, Bruce Belfield has taught numerous Police Officers, SWAT Personnel, Federal Law Enforcement, and Military Special Forces Personnel throughout the country.  

Chief Master Belfield teaches seminars in school safety and bullying, martial arts training, police defensive tactics, and business around the country.  

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