Kickbox Your Fitness into High Gear!

Feel better, look better, and live better sculpting and improving your body while getting more focused, confident, and secure training in the affordable Kickboxing classes at Fort Lauderdale Jiu-Jitsu! Be healthy with us exercising in a more casual Martial Arts-based activity (with punching bags, resistance bands, and partners) set to energizing music that makes working out fun you’ll look forward to! Exercising together in an organized group motivates and excites your willingness to train consistently and reach new goals.

The Kickboxing classes developed and supervised by top-ranked competitor, leader, and school owner Bruce Belfield at our school in Fort Lauderdale, FL have one goal: to show the way for everyone wanting and willing to get fit and stay fit! What sets our Martial Arts-based exercise program apart and makes it work for everyone who tries it is the winning combination of entertaining workouts, personal challenges, unparalleled versatility, and client convenience. Every round – from warm up to target work and combo drills and more – combines strength, aerobic and anaerobic, and body conditioning exercises so students get a total body workout every time – one and done!

Fort Lauderdale area residents from all backgrounds, ages, genders, body types and sizes, and starting fitness levels join the Kickboxing classes at Fort Lauderdale Jiu-Jitsu for quick, fun workouts that get results. We provide motivation and professional guidance not found in home exercise, traditional gym, or fitness center programs. If you are looking for an alternative to a personal trainer, you have got to try our Kickboxing or Martial Arts classes! Call today or use our contact form to receive an invitation to tour our facility, speak with instructors, and take advantage of an incredibly valuable introductory offer!